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  • Starbucks Chocolate Drink

    In Perth, we don’t have Starbucks. We only got Krispy Kremes two years ago and don’t even have Häagen-Dazs Icecream. I know I often see “hipster” and Starbucks but for me, this is a luxury I only get when I travel. On that same note, I can even remember exactly what drink this was. From memory, I beleive it may have been some white chocolate Frappuccino which I ordered with…

  • Day Five – Walking From Day To Night

    I’m finally uploading some more Hong Kong images, these are from day 5. For the very first image, this was just outside the tram that heads to the peak. The line was actually too long so we ended up just walking around the park next to there instead. The next image was just simply a street we walked past on the start of our walk. The third image was a…

  • Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden

    Here’s some images from the Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden in Hong Kong. This wasn’t on our initial list of places to visit but when looking on tourism sites, this place looked real interesting. I had a lot of fun here and was one of my favorite places that I’ve visited in Hong Kong. A funny store I have from here is the building in image 6 is a…

  • Candy Shake

    This is a dessert from a great place in Hong Kong called “Candy Shake”. To my girlfriends embarrassment, I would visit this place at least once a day (sometimes twice). The dessert tasted really good and it was fairly cheap as well (HK $24 if I remember correctly). I’m pretty sure the staff got sick of me coming in every single day, ordering the same thing 😛 Thanks to all…

  • Day Three in Hong Kong – All Over The Place

    We started off around Jordan and I got a nice candid shot there After this we headed to the Mid Levels Escalator on the island to explore around there On the way up I got my girlfriend to help me with a self portrait on this small street that appealed to me

  • Bukit Bintang

    Finally getting around to uploading some more photos from KL.

  • The Tallest Twins

    While on our tour of Petronas Towers, we were told several times that these are the tallest twins in the world right now. This is one of those shots that everyone has taken so it doesn’t make it unique, but here is my version.

  • Jalan Alor

    This is Jalan Alor which is known for its excellent street food. A friend who lives in KL named S.j Yap showed me this spot since he has shot here many times and I loved all his images taken here.

  • Seventh Heaven

    While in KL my dessert of choice was Haagen-Daz which sadly isn’t available in Perth. This was one of their specials called ‘Seventh Heaven’ which had 7 scoops. I’ve been back in Perth a week now so looking at this image makes me wish I could eat it again!

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    Hong Kong