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  • Here and There

    Below are a bunch of casual images I took recently but don’t really need the own post. All except the lantern were taken last weekend. The lantern was actually inside the Westfield in San Francisco. I have a few more posts planned and some new projects too that I’m excited to work on. Once they are ready I’ll be sure to announce them here 😀

  • Together 2019

    A few weeks ago we went out one Sydney to take some couple portraits. When I first got into photography, I used to do portraits of us every single week. As we got older we got busier and just didn’t have the time to go out and short all the time. The portrait below is one I took in 2012 which feels like a life time ago. This was when…

  • Devon Cafe Brunch

    We took advantage of the quiet public holiday to try Devon Cafe in Barangaroo. On a weekday it is usually packed but being a public holiday, it was much quieter. Here are some photos of our food and dessert.

  • Blue Mountains Botanical Gardens

    During the Easter break, I visited the Blue Mountains here in New South Wales for the first time. It’s just over 100km from the CBD but as you have to pass through some residential areas, it takes just under 2 hours to get there. My main reason for wanting to visit was the trees and autumn colored leaves. Back in Perth, I knew some really good places (not Kings Park)…

  • Fuji Instax

    This is the Fuji Instax Mini 9. My girlfriend loves Polaroid cameras so I got this for her birthday. We previous owner a Polaroid branded one but if was a bit old now so a new one was needed. This Fuji model seems to be a bit better when it comes to metering and exposing the image. The photos have turned out quite nice and we’ve been carrying it with…

  • Celebrations

    There was a few celebrations recently.  Both my girlfriend I have our birthdays in April, just 8 days apart. This cake in particular was for my birthday and it was my favorite flavor, Black Forrest 😀

  • Paddy’s Market

    Here are some candid street shots from Paddy’s Market here in Sydney. My girlfriend likes to come here on a weekly basis to buy all her fruits and this was one of the rare times I had my camera with me. It’s such a busy environment so it’s easy to capture candid moments. I have to say the 35mm Art really worked well in the scenario. AF was spot on…

  • Sights Set

    This was a post that was meant to be released several months ago now but got lost in my drafts. It was taken when I went to shoot the sunrise of Barangaroo. The reason for the title “Sights Set” was at that point, I had just got a new job at the middle tower Barangaroo. This is what gave me the reason for the title. I’m happy to say I’ve…

  • Hawaii

    Despite it being nearly two months since I was there, here are the photos from my Hawaii trip. I was only there two days so there aren’t as many as San Francisco.

  • The Beginning of Something Special

    As I previously mentioned, I recently got the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art. I was excited to give it a try so I went out on the weekend to do some portraits. Here are some of the images I took with my beautiful new lens :p