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  • Is It Really June Part II

    We’re now half way through June and as always, time is flying by so quick. I haven’t been shooting a great deal due to an assignment and exam but that is about to change. Digging Through the Archives I think it’s quite common for people to be going through old photos at the moment. I decided to have another look through my photos from San Francisco and I’m glad I…

  • In A Mirrorless Kind Of Mood

    The M3 doesn’t seem to be very popular on most sites I frequent, but it has managed to win over my heart. I got it quite a while ago as a travel/family camera for my girlfriend and I had so much fun using it in Hong Kong, I decided to get the EF Mount adapter for it.

  • Week 51 – The Home Stretch

    This is one of those rare times that I actually use my 100L for macro work. This is also my second last post in my 52 Week Project and although I’m happy for it to end, I’m already planning how to challenge myself next year by possible attempting it again.

  • Week 41 – Window To The Soul

    This is in fact my eye. The eyes are known as the window to the soul and as you can see, my eyes also have a window that look outside the house. While playing around looking for macro subjects, I thought I would try using the window light to take a near 1:1 shot of my eye. With the Canon app it wasn’t too hard to compose although I found…

  • 15987199947_be00a35c96_h.jpg

    Praying Mantis