Daniel E Lee Photography

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Bose QuietComfort 35 II

After using wired headphones (HyperX Cloud Core II) for the past few years for both gaming and every day use, I decided it was time to get some wireless ones. I first tried to see if there was a wireless version of my Cloud Core headphones but sadly there isn’t, so I had to look somewhere else.

I was originally looking at the Bose Soundlink Around-Ear II headphones, although my attention was quickly diverted to the QuietComfort 35 II after trying them in store. The noise cancellation is amazing and even when walking in the street, it sounds as if I’m in a silent room listening to music. I can highly recommend these to anyone looking for some wireless headphones with amazing sound!

Christmas Tree Time


Christmas Tree

It’s that time of year so I though it was about time to put the Christmas tree up. I haven’t been using my 85mm much so two of the images are with that lens, one is with the 100L and the full photo of the tree is with the 35mm f/2 IS.


Sunset photo from my balcony in Chippendale.

Campbell Street

Darling Harbour Sightseeing



Botanical Gardens

Just some flowers from the Sydney botanical gardens.

Sydney Tower

Sydney Tower Eye 3

Sydney Tower Eye 1

Deep Thought

A candid shot of a man in deep thought.

Chippendale Green

A sunset shot of Chippendale Green. My exams are officially done after today so I can hopefully get back to posting here more.

Luna Park Portrait

A portrait of my girlfriend from Luna Park!