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Luna Park Portrait

A portrait of my girlfriend from Luna Park!

Dan Cactus

This is a present my girlfriends sisters got me a while ago. It was called a “Dan Cactus” and since my name is Dan, it seemed fitting for me to have this one 😀

Apple Watch Series 3 LTE

As someone who hasn’t worn a watch in more than 15 years and doesn’t particularly like watches, I’m pretty happy to say I got myself  a series 3 Apple Watch.

So what made me get one of these when I previously had no interest in watches? I personally find the AW to be useful where as I find standard watches the opposite. I got the LTE version of the series 3 watch so I’m able to receive all my notifications, even when my phone isn’t with me. The other upside is I get to take all these product shots. When it comes to these three images, I all tried to shoot them from a different perspective.

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Darling Harbour

On the way back from Kirribilli I stopped here to take this shot. A long time ago when I visited Sydney, I would always enjoy sitting around Darling Harbour as I found it very relaxing.


Since moving to Sydney, this is a spot I’ve wanted to shoot the sunset from but never got around to it. The weather appeared to be nice and cloudy on the weekend so I decided to head down here to try do some long exposures. Once we arrived all the clouds were gone but I made the most of it and I’m happy with the final result.

Shrine of Remembrance

Here are some images from the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. It was a very nice place to visit and wasn’t on my list of places to see but I did thoroughly enjoy it. Our friend in the third photo was nice enough to drive us around when we visited which is how we got to visit all these locations so easily.


Meclboune View

Our Guide

And since I don’t see the point in doing another post for just one image, here is a shot of Melbourne Central. This is pretty much the same kind of image most people capture as it is a location that is commonly photographed. I only brought my 35mm but if I had a UWA lens with me, I could have got something a bit more interesting.

Melbourne Central

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Bokeh

My New Phone!

After two years of using my Samsung Note 5, I finally have an iPhone again! I managed to get this Silver iPhone 8 Plus from Apple last Friday when it launched and it has made me so glad that I decided to switch back to iOS.

I had used a 4s and 5s then I decided to give Android a try and got myself a Note 5. Fast forward 2 years and I now have myself an 8 Plus and wow has iOS improved so much.
I really like how you can now delete unwanted apps like stocks ( which I’ve been goodness they started allowing a year or so ago). The improvements to iOS have really made me love this phone so much more!

When it comes to the hardware of the phone, it feels like a big upgrade for me. I had a 32GB phone so to now have a 256Gb one it feels so unrestrictive and I find myself installing any app I like. Although the Note 5’s Screen was higher resolution (1440p), the 8 Plus screen still looks great and I don’t notice any difference. One major difference I do notice is battery life. The Note 5 would drop by 10-15% overnight even in power saving mode. The 8 Plus only dropped 5% overnight which I found to be really impressive. After a full day of use I’m finding I still have 60% left which is insane compared to what the Note 5 could do, even when it was brand new.

For some this may not be much of an upgrade but I personally have found this to be a significant upgrade for myself.

Side Street Bokeh




On the way home from the shops, I thought I would play around with my 85mm which hasn’t got much use on my 6D Mark II yet.

The Dragon & The Monkey

When I travel, I like to get small statues like these as souvenirs. The statue on the left is the Monkey and the one on the right is the Dragon. I got them on my very first trip to Hong Kong in 2013. Before they were both kept separately at each others places, but now that we finally live together the two little statues have been reunited!

Straight Outta Hoiser Lane

This is one of those locations in Melbourne that pretty much everyone visits, Hoiser Lane. It was actually a few minutes walk from out hotel which was a really good thing, considering we went multiple times.

The first time we tried to visit, we were only there for about 5 minutes before it started raining and we had to leave. We went back again the next day when the weather was better and managed to take photos properly.  This image below was probably my favorite out of all the art on the walls there.

Straight Outta Hoiser Lane