Inner Turmoil

I am a photography enthusiast based in Sydney, Australia. If I had to pick a particular genre, I would consider myself to be an Urban photographer. Although I don’t primarily shoot Urban Landscapes, it is the genre that interests me most. On a non photography topic, I am currently studying Management. In my free time I either spend it with my beautiful girlfriend, obsessively playing games or doing photography.

How I Got Into Photography

I did photography in high school although I didn’t really enjoy it. This had more to do with my actual teacher than photography. Fast forward many years and it was actually editing photos that peaked my interest. I got a free program called Photoscape and started editing all my images from a holiday several years ago. I also went out with my point and shoot to take photos around the city and see what I could come up with.

I wasn’t that happy with my photos so I started to read many articles about photography and started to learn more. This made me want a DSLR more and more. I managed to save up for several months then finally bought a Canon 550D kit and that is where my photographic journey began.